Monday, August 07, 2006

Raghav Mahato, You Are A Hero

I hope winning this award brings Raghav Mahato back on air in Mansoorpur. (Thanks, Uma for emailing me the story.)

If you are interested, you can also read my previous posts on this enterprising young man who deserves kudos and more importantly, an audience.

Care for some heart-rending words?
"Garibi ke wajah se nahi padhe phir bhi aapne pair per khada hue hain. Ye kaam ker ke koi chori to nahi ker rahe the (I could not study because of poverty but then also I was able to get a livelihood. By running the radio I was not committing a crime)," Raghav says.
Those are such heavy words and they make me really angry. Imagine if you had to deal with the government just to keep your blog running. And not just any government, but a government that still has a Telegraph Act.

Anyone in India interested in raising funds to help Raghav get back on the air? Ping me in the commentspace.

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