Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Minor Key Afternoon

Seen and overheard at a guitar shop, where I spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon:

"I don't need to plug it in" (A 40-something man to his wife. But just how do you evaluate an electric guitar without plugging it in, hombre?)

"So tell me, what's the deal with Fenders?" (Soul-patched rich banker type who probably hadn't touched his guitar in 10 years but was ready to plonk 3000 dollars right there and then, to an over-tattooed salesperson.)

"Can you show me that one?" (a serious 12-year old, dressed in a standard-issue black Iron Maiden shirt, pointing at a Sunburst Gibson Les Paul on the wall that costed about 4000 dollars. Who buys a 12- year old a Gibson Les Paul?)

"Brother, can you give me the high E?" (Meek, soft-spoken man with a really jagged haircut, to me)

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