Tuesday, August 15, 2006

For The Mamas and The Papas

This could be the death of the Nursery Rhyme: lullaby renditions of rock albums. (They even have lullaby renditions of Radiohead, The Cure and Tool!) (Via the mad, mad, mad, mad Blog)

But why no lullaby renditions of "Marquee Moon" is what I want to know.

Listen to the clips from Nirvana - funny and so not boring. (I just wish they cut back on the use of glockenspiel. It's so 19th century, man.)

I cannot imagine the baby's reaction when he or she grows up into a teenager and discovers the originals.


kundalini said...

and the beatles! those are the melodies i want, to lay my baby in "a slumberland of strawberry fields" :). well, so long as they keep the lyrics in tact ;). associations, and what not, you know!

km said...

This post was totally for you :)

I don't think they have lyrics - these are instrumental renditions only (AFAIK.)

Salil said...

Darn. The Metallica one might be worth it, if they went on the really, really creepy route with Enter Sandman.

km said...

But can you imagine explaining song titles like "Creeping Death" and "Seek and Destroy" to the drooling, toothless one?