Tuesday, August 01, 2006

She's My Bandit Queen

Wonder if Phoolan Devi would have enjoyed this as much as I did?

The Decemberists, singing "Bandit Queen".

This band's songwriting is anything but conventional (for pop music, that is.) I won't say I am a major fan, but "Bandit Queen" is a sweet little pop piece and it contains a fine example of the band's humor: "She ain't fancy, she ain't fine/While her fingers number only nine" :)

It reminded me so much of Bob Dylan's "It takes a lot to laugh (It takes a train to cry)", with its use of piano and the gentle tempo.

Could this be the only pop song ever with the words "turban" and "bandit" in it?

Speaking of Bandit Queen, director Shekar Kapur has a post about the shooting of that infamous scene from his film, "Bandit Queen". (Why does he feel the need to talk about his "feminine self" in so many posts on his blog?)

The film "Bandit Queen" was edited by Renu Saluja, a key figure behind India's parallel cinema movement. Uma at Indianwriting has a very good post about a tribute to this woman.


kundalini said...

km - there's a (gangsta) rap number by loop troop called "bandit queen". i've heard it. one word - awful. i have a friend who loves it.

i like the decemberists one but for the video. :)

scout said...

I like the decemberists. have you heard odalisque? to quote natalie portman (but she was talking abt the shins): 'Listen to it, it'll change your life.'


km said...

Scout, "Odalisque" and "Here I dreamt I was an Architect" are indeed beautiful songs.

K: the lo-fi video makes it even more appealing, IMO :)) You feel like you are in the Chambal of the North-western US!

Joy Forever said...

The video clearly shows her having ten fingers though. ;)