Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bob Dylan Goes To The Movies

You know why some lines in Dylan's songs sound so cinematic? Because they are snippets of cinema dialogue. Duh.

It's obvious from the list (link below) that Dylan loves noir and Bogart films. If only some film fan would document movie dialogues that quote Dylan's songs, my quest for the perfect time-wasting site would be over.

As far as I know, Dylan has never used the line "tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti" in a song. It's a great line from a great film and deserves to be on a great rock album.

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wildflower seed said...

Funny. I just posted the link to Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour # 3 at my blog. Here it is again :

I have to say that I was very very disappointed with Masked & Anonymous. So I wouldnt mind seeing random Dylan lines in films as long as Dylan had nothing to do with the conception of the film.

Tabula Rasa said...

what a link!

anurag said...

Tod Haynes is making a film on Dylan.

imdb plotline says
"Ruminations on the life of Bob Dylan, where seven characters embody a different aspect of the musician's life and work"

seems interesting !!!

km said...

Anurag, Dylan played by a woman? I have no doubt it will be *interesting*:)

Dylan's association with the movies has always been a bit weird and disappointing (see VB's comment above) - other than, of course, that Peckinpah movie (and that Penebaker docu - but more for archival reasons)