Monday, August 14, 2006

Sometimes I Feel... an Automatic Monty Python Quote Generator.

The Pope cracked a good one. (Link to Yahoo News, via Drudge).
The pontiff also offered some insight into his own personality and ministry, saying being pope is "really tiring" and that it is important to "see the funny side of life."
Do you really need the link to the song?

Aww, why not. (Link to

I wouldn't leave you without the video clip from Life of Brian. (link to YouTube)

BTW, the pained expression on Graham Chapman's face, just when Eric Idle starts singing (around 1:10 maybe), to me is the very definition of comedy. Imagine being crucified next to a positive-thinking type person!

And how's the Monday looking?


Salil said...

On the other hand - imagine watching the face of your worst enemy as he's crucified next to a positive thinking person. One whistling along with "Always look on the bright side". :)

That song's awesome beyond description, btw. I almost screamed when they trimmed it to a minute-and-a-half-long rendition (with edited words) at the Spamalot performance I attended a few months ago in Chicago. It deserved far better.

km said...

How was Spamalot, btw? Heard good reviews, but they were all out of the mouths of rabid fanboys :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Hmm, whether it's the most positive person in the world or Alicia Keys on the next one, they'll have to take me screaming.

Salil said...

Pretty good, but not great. As a Broadway show, very enjoyable. As Python material - NO.

My major gripe with it was the fact that the Lady of the Lake character was played by a woman. I mean, FFS! It's Monty Python! You're supposed to follow in the great crossdressing traditions of Terry Jones and give any major female roles to a guy with an unconvincing falsetto voice and a wig!

[Recommendation if you're on Broadway would be to see the Producers instead, which I found absolutely hysterical. Or Sweeney Todd - not typical Broadway, but phenomenal.]

km said...

Yeah, Salil, i know what you mean by that Lady of the Lake character. Remember Cleese in drag in that Piranha Brothers' sketch?

I usually stay away from B'way, but Sweeney Todd seems to be every critic's favorite. Will give it a shot.

Salil said...

Worth a shot, km. The production style, plot and such are very different from typical Broadway fare - glad to see it doing so well.

And yes, Cleese was gold. Although he didn't need drag to be downright hilarious (and IMO, some of his stuff as Basil Fawlty outdid everything he achieved as a Python).

Back onto Cleese in drag - I watched the Python Live at Hollywood Bowl DVD some time ago. The highlight was Cleese's cameo in the Albatross sketch (in drag, of course). Quite delightful.

Anonymous said...

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