Friday, August 25, 2006

Bull Sheet

"Previously, at the place of Taj Mahal, there was a Shiv Mandir and in Shiv Mandir we do not offer sheet. We offer milk to lord Shiva.
Oh no. (link to Indian Express)

Lord Shiva, the Stoner Supreme, surely must want to lie down sometime?


MockTurtle said...

"Tahiruddin Tahir, has claimed that the Chadarposhi ceremony has been going on for decades. He also disclosed that every year, the length of the sheet is increased by 10 metres and this year it is 120 metres"
Hmmm... sounds dubious to me. Assuming they started at zero, that would still be just 12 years. But then again 1.2 decades is more that 1, so I guess it qualifies for the plural.

km said...

LOl...those numbers sure don't add up to decades.

Tabula Rasa said...

maybe it's two-ply?

km said...

LMAO. TR, you messing with the wrong person :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

There used to be this fellow called Oak (maybe he's still around), an Indian 'historian', who made some very noisy and stupid claims that the Taj Mahal was not only not built by Shahjahan but that it predates him by a few centuries. I have a feeling, like Obelix, when he was still a child, Mr Oak fell into a cauldron full of some banned substances.

Being Shiv Sainiks, you'd expect these guys to offer warm beer and not milk, no? B'cos that's what their leader is known to drink.