Thursday, August 24, 2006

Single Indian Male Loves Dogs (And Goats)

Is it ok to laugh at this?
Chained by his family members for the last 15 years, Rahul Amin Dhali, who used to bite dogs and goats besides gnawing at the feet of relatives and neighbours, has at last landed in the Pavlov mental hospital. Pavlov hospital Superintendent Dr. Umesh Bose said, "We are treating him and he has been identified with severe mental retardation and behavioural disorder. "He did not bite any of the staff members of the hospital. But he is tearing his clothes", he added. Rahul was just six when he first bit a dog in Biramnagar village, 60 km from Kolkata. A few days later he bit his family members too. "Initially, we ignored the issue since he was just a child but it turned worse with every passing day", Rahul's father Rahman Dhali said. Rahul later wandered off into the village and bit a goat grazing in a field before nibbling at the paws of the neighbour's pet dog", Rahman said.
Pavlov Mental hospital? I always knew Calcuttans rocked. Did I know they rocked this hard?

This human interest story found on Star of Mysore.

There's been some press coverage on the boy about a week ago. Yahoo News has a particularly interesting detail towards the very end.


Tabula Rasa said...

never thought i'd really see a "man bits dog" story.

but... does this make the poor guy a "pavlov ka kutta"?

km said...

I know I will burn in hell, but seriously, he nibbles at his relatives' feet. He is MUCH MUCH MORE than "Pavlov ka kutta".

(For some reason, this reminded me of Kishore Kumar in "Half Ticket".)

Ph said...


km said...

If it ain't our phantasmagoria! Where you been all these days?