Thursday, March 30, 2006

Static And Hum On Mansoorpur 1

Remember Raghav Mahato and his "pirate" radio station, Mansoorpur 1? The bastards shut it down. (link to BBC.) has more details on this story. (link via Bollyspace)

According to a senior official in Propag..I mean, Information Ministry, "there were 16 licensed community radio stations in the country and that only educational institutions were allowed to run such stations."

OK, so licenses are licenses. I do not wish to discuss their utter and obvious uselessness. What I do want to point out here is how the law works differently for the rich and the poor.

How is it that "computer-bloggers" based in India enjoy the privilege of blogging without fear of censorship or shutdown, but a radio-blogger, for that is what Raghav Mahato is, does not enjoy the same right or freedom?

Chinese blogger Hao Wu deserves the world's attention, and so does Raghav.

Finally, kudos to Reporters Without Borders for fighting the fight.


Alok said...

this is really sad!! @#$%#$@#

Anonymous said...

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