Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Any Color You Like

Holi in the middle of the week?

Do kids still worry about indulging in too much Holi, falling sick and missing their final exams? (or, if my memory serves me well, pray for the germs in bottom of that water-tank to deliver them from evil? Here, here, push me in...)

Do the words "silver paint" still terrorize the weak and the cowardly?

Are the mango trees beginning to bloom? And who's got the bhang?

In case you don't remember (I didn't), here's the sinister myth behind the festival pyre.


GhostOfTomJoad said...

This is going to be one very wet Holi... the indications, at least, are such that it will be wet. Can't remember so much rain around Holi ever before. Not that I care too much...this is one festival that I'd rather observe from far :-)

km said...

Hiya, Ghost,

That a "wet" holi is not fun is a paradox:) But yeah, it has to be a slightly chilly, clear morning for maximum fun.

simmi said...

wow, I always wanted to expirience holy, in S.A. we only clebrate diwaly...and that often is no fun as I am always in the kitchen

km said...


IMO, if "played" right, Holi can be twice the fun Diwali is. Esp. when we landed up at school the next day, our faces blue, purple and black...:)

simmi said...


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