Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

YECCH Rating: High, post is decidedly NSBOAODM (Not safe BEFORE or AFTER or DURING meals)

Dreamed I was an Eskimo / Frozen wind began to blow /Under my boots and around my toes / The frost that bit the ground below/ It was a hundred degrees below zero...

While the Eskimo mama in Frank Zappa's song cautions young Nanook about the "yellow snow", I found no mention of the said phenomenon in Robert Flaherty's legendary documentary, "Nanook Of The North". Clearly the Zap was joking.

But it made me curious. Just how do eskimoes go about their "business" in that biting cold? Is it in the igloo? Or is it outside the igloo?

I could find only one response to this question (just search for the term "eskimo" on the page and you will find the post.) It's not a very detailed explanation, but it will do.

Suddenly, I am reminded of travelling by trains in India and the various sensory delights offered by the toilets. Please refrain from using the toilet when the train is in the station. Ah, good times.


Alok said...

One question...Do you have a job?


neha vish said...


GhostOfTomJoad said...

Sure, I do have a questioning mind but I also believe, rather strongly, that people's business is their business :-) I'll live without knowing how and/or where an eskimo goes.

*Note to self: On the next trip to Nanook land, watch your step!*

km said...

Going by your kind comments, I can tell this post deserves to be delet...flushed down the toilet.

Ghost, just imagine yourself shooting a film in the frozen Arctic region. Your female lead desparately wants to "go" and you don't know if she will even return alive from that treacherous mission. Aren't you going to kick yourself for not finding out how eskimoes download?

The Fez Monkey said...

Your boundless inquiry has enriched us all.

I thank you, from the bottom of my fez.

Ook ook.

km said...

Fez Monkey, the pleasure is all mine. BTW, your "blogonym" is just *awesome*.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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