Thursday, March 23, 2006

Clive And His Pet "Happy Together"

The One and Only, the Incomparable Adwaitya, a resident of Kolkata Zoo, was better known as Robert Clive's pet and as the oldest living creature on earth. He was a grand old Wild Aldabra tortoise. Unlike his master, the tortoise was never investigated for corruption and died earlier today of liver failure at the age of 255.

Not only did Adwaitya outlive Bobby, it even outlived the whole freakin' British Empire.

Therefore, in honor of this amazing, peaceful creature that survived nearly three bloody (literally) centuries, I will refrain from cracking jokes involving liver failure or hares or mutant ninja turtles or tortoise souls. OK, not counting the one in the title of this post.


neha vish said...

paavum tortoise. :(

km said...

Paavum indeed.

Bhere you bhlagging phrum?

wildflower seed said...

What is life? Depends on the liver. ;)

km said...

And for sharing a pun as old as Adwaitya himself, VB, you are hereby sentenced to making some excellent early 70s Dead shows available for us :D

Tabula Rasa said...

Hare today gone tomorrow?

wildflower seed said...

Damn! There was always the outside chance someone hadnt heard this one before. But who am I kidding? :)

Alok said...

making fun of the death of a poor tortoise, you people :(

kundalini said...

mean. mean. :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

How sad.

The newspaper report this morning says that the current director of the zoo, Mr Burman, gave him his name. I wonder what he was called before he became "Addwaita". Unless ole man Burman is also a remnant of the old infrastructure, as a friend would've put it, and named the tortoise soon after birth.

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