Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crazy Train: Rock Stars in Museums

Abraham Maslow must be watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announcements with a big "I-told-you-so" smile.

Apparently, Ozzy O., the Prince of Darkness, the demon-musician who bit the head off of a bat/dachshund/chicken/komodo dragon has been bitter at the Hall Of Fame for a decade for not being inducted. I can understand if Kajagoogoo have a problem with not being inducted. But Ozzy Osbourne?

Wasn't it enough that he wrote so many great songs, made millions, survived Sabbath's success with a long successful solo career and made a second career (out of playing the slightly dense, incoherent father) on TV? He wants to be remembered by a museum that no one cares for! Human nature...

P.S.: "Master of Reality": No recording can ever approach its heaviness. Not even early-mid period Metallica.


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