Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Robert Moog - R.I.P

Robert Moog died on Sunday.

While many haven't heard of the man, the fruits of his labor helped define so many of our favorite albums. Abbey Road, Dark Side of the Moon and Autobahn are but three of the hundreds of great rock albums that featured the famous Moog synthesizer. Moog's invention changed pop music the same way the e-mail changed communication.

Mr. Moog, thanks for blips and chirps and whoooshes and kling-klang and millions of other beautiful noises. These are not just sounds, these are what shaped modern pop. It's what makes "Abbey Road" different from "Meet the Beatles".

BTW, it is pronounced "MOG" (as in "vogue".)


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

He also gave us Ray Manzarek, for what is a warrior without his weapon?


km said...

JAP, you know I just love to pick those damn nits. The Doors never used a synthesizer on any of their albums. Mr. Manzarek did use the Moog on some of his later solo efforts...but yeah, totally, what is a warrior without his weapon?

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