Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Panch Blogiya Yojana

I got 5 for Blog Day. Read 'em and profit. There will NOT be a test at the end of this post.

Mind Hacks. Sure, it is occasionally arcane and they love to discuss subjects that have the word "neuro" as the modifier, but a fascinating blog. Doen't take a brain surgeon to read this one.

Guitar Principles. Don't let the name fool you. Mr. Andreas' deeply reflective essays on the correct approach to learning an instrument or on the right attitude towards practice are not simply in the realm of guitar-learning, but they are really little pieces on meditation and Bhagwad Gita and mindfulness. Here's an excerpt from one of his essays: "to discover your purpose is to be all alone. Paradoxically, it is also to be one with everything else". Dig it?

The man who is fighting the fight: Lawrence Lessig. Copyright, IP rights, creativity, ownership - these are issues that deserve a rigorous debate. Read the man's blog, his books and defend Bappi-da's right to create original music.

There are radio stations and then there is WFMU. Beware of the Blog is a great glimpse into this indie radio station's character. For example, read this post. Nothing can touch WFMU. NOTHING!!!!

Fark (caution: NSFW ads, occasional NSFW stories) is always funny. See the readers' comments for some inspired photoshoppery and their very unique brand of humor.

Thanks to the lover of cities for dragging me into this blog day busimess.