Monday, August 15, 2005

Eye of The Beholder Just Stabbed

Sam is an ugly dog. So ugly, he was recently voted the ugliest dog in the world.

Yes, I was surprised too. A beauty paegent for humans, an ugly paegent for canines? Smacks of discrimination.

But what is not a surprise is that Sam has won the title, hands down, three times in a row.

I feel sapped just looking at the picture above, so I will refrain from Google-scouring for any more Sam pictures. Please excuse me, I must go and HHHHHHHHURRRRL.

Just kidding. (Inner conscience just chimed in: "All creatures great and small, right?" Yeah, but it doesn't say "all creatures beautiful and ugly" Waiting for I.C. to re-appear shortly.)

But if I were still 16 years old, listening to heavy metal and secretly practicing devil worship between calculus and organic chemistry, this would be the dog I would want in my room.

And you know what? Sam resembles Iron Maiden's Eddie. This dog is "teh metal".


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