Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mangal Pandey - Word on the Seats

A 6-year old sat directly behind me.

Ten minutes into the film, he goes

"YAAAAWN. Daddy, who's the bad guy?"

Even before Daddy can answer, comes another

"YAAAWN", followed by a

"Can I have some chips?"

"YAAAAWN-KRRUNCH-AAAAWN". Then suddenly, all was quiet on the northern front.

Screenwriters, take note. 10 minutes into the film and a 6-year old couldn't identify the antagonist. And with goras talking Hindi, the difference between "bura" and "bhura" was all but blurred.

Is it any wonder we lost the first battle of independence?

And about that Hindi dialog bit: did it serve any purpose other than making the hammy expository dialog even more expositional - if such a thing is possible?

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