Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yup, They Do No Evil

Still, opt the heck out of Google's search history aggregation. (Link via BoingBoing)


Tabula Rasa said...

i thought i left a comment but evidently it got swallowed up by google search. basically - thanks for the link - very worrying. i went to check my history rightaway, and here's the funny thing: it revealed *nothing*. i "paused" it (what a term!) anyway.

MockTurtle said...

Delete it? Why should I? Are you implying that I may have something in my history to hide? Who have you been talking to?
But in all seriousness - thanks for the link. I won't opt out but I will monitor it.

km said...

MT (*adjusting the tinfoil*): the problem is that while I do remember entering an opt-in agreement with the goog, I don't specifically remember when that changed to an opt-out. (I may be wrong here, and then again, I may be right.) Security and data policies shouldn't change without a warning.

TR: My history showed about 40 *salacious* images - of Fender guitars :D