Thursday, February 01, 2007

Man And Wife And A Snarky Blog

Who can resist a blog with such a tagline:
A glimpse into that haven of superficial, pretentious, pseudo-aristocratic vanity: The NY Times' Wedding & Celebration Announcements
A real shame the blog hasn't been updated since June 2006.

(After the Crime/Police Blotter section in a newspaper, matrimonial announcements and obituaries are my favorite reading material at the breakfast table on weekends. If only Hollywood would produce a "Four Weddings, a couple of funerals and a shoplifting at Target"...)


MockTurtle said...

Frickin' awesome!!
Someone should do a similar blog on the desi matrimonial columns.
Do it or I will.

km said...

MT: The idea has often crossed my mind. To be continued....

Anonymous said...


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