Saturday, February 17, 2007

Haiku And A Dare

Harsh Scrabble discord -
someone has placed putzhead on
a triple word score..
This haiku page is a riot. So naturally, I want to know, why don't we have a "Haiku for Hindus"? We got plenty to poke fun at, don't we?

I know there are some very gifted blogger-poets on my blogroll. If any of you have some verses, post them in the comments or put them up on your blog and send me the link. (Give yourself bonus points for NOT writing about "sacred cows". And triple-bonus points for sneaking in multilingual puns. Tabula Rasa, I hope you will try :) Gazillion-bonus points if one of those languages is Sanskrit.)

Update1: OMFG. Falstaff gets the job done. He comes up with not one or two or three but SEVEN of 'em. Sir, you have not upped the bar. You've blown the damn thing out of sight.

(I will compile the verses in a separate post later, but for now, you can read Falstaff's contribution in the commentspace.)


Falstaff said...

Haiku for hindus?
Hai Ram! Avaunt! Gadzooks! and
Shiva my timbers!

Grandmothers watch day-
-time soaps, proving their faith in

That priest breathing so
heavily? Oh, he's reading
from the Darth Veda.

Ashvamedha yagn:
Your horse will take me home, shan't
he? shan't he? shan't he?

"Lakshman, don't die! Soon
Hanuman will come, bringing
the marijuana."

Kaikeyi: "Don't think of
it as exile, just think of
it as off-shoring."

And, with apologies to everyone but George Michael:

Sita to Ram: "Why
can't you do it? Why can't you
set your monkey free?"

Anonymous said...

Thathaasthu, answer
To the question who am i
But Thath Kimaasthi

Anonymous said...


Thath thvam asi to
the question who am i but
then thath kimaasthi

Anonymous said...

The king Santanu
Loved a mighty river like
She were a maiden!

Seven children did
She kill and brook'd no question
Then came Devavrat

To help his father
Net a fisherman's daughter
He gave up pleasure

Yes, please go figure!
My story becomes stranger
That I will wager


The greatest teacher
of them all was one Drona
Born of man and pot

A great soul was he!
Took the thumb of his student
Who he ne'er taught.

When it came time to
Do battle, with the king did
He throw in his lot

In battle, he fell
Mistook elephant for son,
He had taught too well!

-Veda Vyasa

MockTurtle said...

Do dirty limericks count? I suck at any other form of poetry.

King Drupad shed a manly tear
As his daughter spoke of her fear
That her every orifice
Would barely suffice
If five brothers together drew near

neha vish said...

In hatered, she signed, to the Bull
divine Nandi, her ears perked,
Shit to rain.

We wondered, every night, the strung
bow that was broken,
bum, both Gaandiva.

Shriniwas Kulkarni said...

She Fasts for him all day, The moon
never shows up soon, the hunger
of Chauth or more?