Monday, February 05, 2007

My Superbowl

Prince played a Telecaster. Then he switched to a beautiful Strat. And then he played that strange, unwieldy symbol-guitar. But my God, the guitar tone on all three instruments was KILLER (even if it was unabashed Jimi puja.) Despite an utter lack of nippage, a most enjoyable (half)time was had by all.

And yeah, Carlos digs Prince.


arun said...

les paul wud be muttering under his breath that his guitar wasnt represented. though the the guy passing out the guitars between the songs wudnt have minded. he must have had an orgy down there with all those electric-ladies around him!

MockTurtle said...

Yes, but what's with the cleaning lady headgear he was sporting early on?

km said...

MT: LOL! I'll just pray that the Gods of Political Correctness never descend upon thee.

Arun: Les Paul? LES PAUL?? WE ARE FENDER. (Ok, no, I *love* Gibson LPs too...) But yeah, his guitar-tech was probably having a blast out there. If he was not terrified of getting electrocuted in the rain, that is.