Thursday, February 15, 2007

Out Raving

The Bigger! Better! India Uncut looks *very* impressive and I am not saying that only because I am on the "Raveout" team.

Amit and MadMan: As Saddam must have often said to Chemical Ali, kudos on the execution.

A commenter (Neela) on a fellow Raver's (Raveouter's?) blog put it really well: "I have a feeling that I am going to get an overdose of Sartre, Kafka, some unknown Israeli author and a few suicidal Eastern European filmmakers in there."

Fear not, Neela. The blog sure has a great bunch of contributors - "Alpha-bloggers" - the ones who know their stuff and can write very well - but they also have ME :)


amit varma said...

Thanks, KM!

Yes, we have YOU! Who can stop us now? Muhahahahaha! :)

MockTurtle said...

How did I miss that? Congratulations on moving to the dark side. Will keep a keen eye out for your contributions.

km said...

Amit: "who can stop us now?" Only those with kryptonite and shaved heads.

MT: thanks!

Revealed said...

Kryptonite - check, shaved head - check, evil intent to annihilate the new IU's RaveOut section- check. Hope u guys are ready for me *worried frown*

km said...

Revealed: bring it on :))