Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mama Likes Movies

Called mother up on the weekend. She sounded weak. The poor thing, she's down with a nasty flu and food poisoning. As you can guess, the needle on my Guiltometer hit the extreme end of the dial.

"So what did you do", I asked her, meaning if she had seen a doctor.

"I visited the doctor and he has prescribed me medicines."

I felt relieved and the needle sort of slid back a notch.

"And then", she continued, "I saw an Ingmar Bergman film - The Silence."

Food poisoning and flu? Bah! Minor obstacles to enjoying things that *really* matter, like a Bergman film.

The needle quickly dropped to zero.


Tabula Rasa said...

bergman, eh? if you weren't so evidently an amateur worrier, *that* would have sent you into backflips.


neha vish said...

Heh! I so relate to this post. Except my mother would break the TV if Bergman came up. (Probably). She needs comedy. Loads of it. Language is irrelevant.

My god, I feel guilty just talking about her. I should go call.. hemph.

kundalini said...

your mama's cool, i say. :)

km said...

TR: Amateur worrier? I wish.

Neha: you feel guilty too? Good. Now go read the story of Shravan Kumar :)

Kundalini: And just where did you disappear, young lady?