Monday, October 30, 2006

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Having just watched John Carpenter's Halloween again, I hereby resolve never to go up to the bedroom alone and never to enter the walk-in closet without first equipping myself with a shotgun. Or at least a very strong wire hanger.

And yes, honey, you are braver. Next week, let's watch "The Little Mermaid".

Relax, it's only a movie!


Brown Magic said...

I wasn't even in double digits when I watched some movie (maybe Teesri Manzil) with a open a cupboard, have dead body fall of you scene.

For years after,eveytime I opened my cupboard, I would simultaneously jump back to avoid the corpse someone had stashed there.

km said...

"Teesri Manzil" had a corpse in a closet? You may be right. I think the songs in the film distracted me from the plot :)