Thursday, October 26, 2006

Food For Pod

The story so far:

I escaped from the clutches of the evil Lord Muzaq, when somewhere near the icy mountain ranges that flank the kingdom, I was arrested by the fierce Lavender Guards. One of them wanted to know my name, my title and our hideout. I divulged only the Most Played Songs on my 'pod. Long live the revolt!

1. Deep Purple - "Burn"
2. Ray Charles - "Hit The Road, Jack"
3. Eruption - "One Way Ticket"
4. The Staple Singers - "Respect Yourself"
5. Billie Holiday - "Don't Explain"
6. Arctic Monkeys - "Fake Tales of San Francisco"
7. Drive-by Truckers - "Never Gonna Change"
8. Wyclef Jean - "Gone Till November"
9. ABBA - "The winner takes It all"
10. Dean Martin - "On An Evening In Roma" (why don't songwriters write about exotic, faraway places anymore? Or has the world simply run out of exotic, faraway places?)

So that's my Most Played (till about a week ago, that is.)

Tell me what's spinning on your pod/radio/Victrola.


Salil said...

Already did here.

Although for what it's worth, I've been playing Burn to death lately on my ipod.

That, and a bunch of other 'Purp stuff. I think I've played Perfect Strangers and Highway Star about 15 times each in the last day and a half. And I've not even been listening to the 'pod that much!

Tabula Rasa said...

eclectic :-)

fierce lavender guard said...

the secret code was "ray charles". you're free to go. :)

km said...

For some reason, Perfect Strangers is woefully underrepresented on my pod. Corrections shall be made immediately.

Fierce Lavender Guard: thankee, thankee. Ray is the man! :))

TR: are you trying to say "electric" with an eclair in your mouth?

scout said...

wyclef jean. lol.

scout said...

wyclef jean. lol.

km said...

Scout, is Wyclef Jean so funny that it evokes multiple LOLlations? :))

He is a Fugee, fercryinoutloud.

Salil said...

Perfect Strangers - underrepresented?

Hang yer head in shame, km.

[So types Salil, while the Deep Purple comp CD continues to play on the stereo. The only things that machine's been playing in the last few days have been that - and my Blues Brothers soundtrack. Awesomeness.]

km said...

Hey, hey, I was the one who introduced the boors in college to "Perfect Strangers" - by singing "Knocking At My Back Door" after each swig of rum :)