Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Super Super Super Super Super Supergroup

It's the Rockestra!

McCartney, Gilmour, Bonham, Jones*, Townshend, Marvin****, Jones** and Lane***. Should I throw in another couple of "supers" in the title?

Even though the album on which this appears (Wings' "Back To The Egg") is dull beyond description (at least that's how I remember it), the video is interesting for the "what-if" factor. Plus it gives us a chance to watch the late, great Bonzo. I could watch a 4-hour biopic on Bonham simply warming up before a concert.

It is worth noting that two of rock's most important drummers (Keith Moon was the other one) were associated with this project and neither of them are alive today. You are welcome to draw your own conclusions.

* - John Paul, Zeppelin
** - Kenney, Small Faces
*** - Ronnie, Small Faces
**** - Hank, The Shadows

(Names of the others members need no clarification)



kundalini said...

you've been tagged :)

Deaths Head Roy said...

Wow.......yeah, even though CODA was written of as a crappy album by many, i still remember listening to Bonzo's Montreaux over and over again......Bonham....amazing....

km said...

Roy: Indeed. Montreaux is very cool, even though Coda is not (except for cuts like "Poor Tom", which I now enjoy!)

K: awright, awright. Will hack through my Pod.