Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sherlock Holmes Wears Boxers And Does Cocaine

When you want to read a deep, really interesting analysis of pop culture, what's the first name that comes to mind? If you answered "Times of India", read on, brother.

In a strange, disjointed, pop/psych/Joseph Campbellian piece entitled "How Superman Saves The World?" (the title, I've just come to accept, is beyond my comprehension), we learn some amazing things about comic book superheroes, including the key distinction between American comic book superheroes and Sherlock Holmes.
Sherlock Holmes to a large extent solved crimes before they happened, but comic books focus on crimes that have already happened and the concept of apt revenge.

The action is not thought out or premeditated. Just like all things American, the action is a pure response to a 'barbarous' act.
That's not half as brilliant as this observation on comic books:
One of the most popular and enduring forms of art, comic books have the power to zoom their central characters right off their pages on to the silver screen.
Mom, Dad, thank you so very much for not subscribing to Times of India when I was growing up.

In case you still want to read the article....

Update: Via Zigzackly: Video of an Indian superhero. A South Indian Superhero, to be more precise.


Alok said...

a remarkable work of art criticism indeed. you have made my day. thank you :))

km said...

What can I say, ToI works hard to keep us all busy and entertained.

BTW, why can't I see the "word verification" word on your blog these days? (actually, I'll just shoot you an email, don't worry)