Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sex, Drugs (But No Rock And Roll)

Schools in conservative India will teach children as young as five years old about sexual health and drugs from next year to boost awareness of the dangers they face in a changing society, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.
Admirable, but also a little scary.

My elementary education involved learning really important stuff - like this. How did sex and drugs get into the mix?


kundalini said...

i agree it is a little scary. was talking to a reproductive health practitioner who told me that one of the ideas behind doing this is to have an awareness spillover to the uneducated parents of these kids, via the kids.

km said...

That is very innovative. I hope the program works in the long run. As the Wilburys sang, it's a real dirty world.

anangbhai said...

Elvis didn't do no drugs!

km said...

Anangbhai: and the Pope doesn't own a bible. :)

Salil said...

Heh... I was just watching a top South Park episode where the parents demand the kids start learning sex ed.
And war breaks out with both sexes believing the other responsible for the existence of STDs.

Hopefully this won't be as violent. :)

[Although 5? Isn't that a bit too young?]