Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Sunday at Walden Pond was simply gorgeous. But why do drivers in Boston always hear a different drummer?

The POTUS signed the Torture bill and this Thoreau quote is quite apt:
"How does it become a man to behave toward this American government today? I answered that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it."

Apropos of nothing, if a certain St. Bernard happens to be reading this: please allow me to offer my respectful respects in the most respectful manner to your most respected self. You could have swallowed that pusillanimous chihuahua whole. But you didn't. You chose to roll over on your back and won yourself several admirers in the process. Very classy, big guy.


Alok said...

You went to Walden for tourism or for Thoreau-sque soul-searching?

km said...

Alok: I *love* Thoreau's essays and ideas, but I was there mainly for the foliage ;)

Soul-searching is hard with visitors in tow!

Alok said...

Yeah, I understand. I am feeling a strong urge these days to follow in Thoreau's footsteps but it is so difficult. the most i can do is to admire foliage around the walden pond. sigh!

Neela said...

Ah, KM, just finished reading "Walden"!

Quick question: can you get to Walden Pond by public transport? I mean take a train to Boston and then a bus? Yes, am one of the last few who don't drive. Would Thoreau have approved?


km said...


I read Walden at least once every couple of years. Right now, I am more in the "Civil Disobedience" frame of mind :) Unfortunately, I don't think you can reach the place by bus. What you can do is take a train into downtown Boston, take a commuter train (the "T") into a suburban station close to the Pond and then take a cab to the National park.

Walden Pond is an awe-inspiring place. See it before this Fall turns into brutal New England winter.

Thoreau would have been proud of you for not driving :)