Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Six Sixes

Some of my favorite responses to the Six-word SciFi post:

Falstaff takes a potshot at, who else, the POTUS: "You fool! The President's colour blind." Read his other stories here.

MockTurtle's politico-economic SF: Lines of Americans outside Indian embassy

Tabula Rasa gives us cyberpun: Man bites dog. Giga bytes man.

Then there's Patrix's apocalyptic, Twilight Zone-ish "Everyone died. Why did I survive?"

Salil's "For sale: Half a bed. Used." proves there's no such thing as a good deal even in the future

And finally, Tabula Rasa's despondent "this challenge is killing me. thud."

There are kids at the doorstep *demanding* candy and I'm blasting Miles Davis on the stereo. That should run their voodoo down.


Ph said...


Tabula Rasa said...

that's a nice six words too -- "that should run their voodoo down"! i'm still chewing on a set of sixers, btw. don't hold your breath.

km said...

TR: chew away. And POST!

Ph: *is it safe to come out?*

Salil said...

Going from Sci-fi to the distant past...

Dinosaurs: Look! Is that an asteroid?

And on yesterday's one dayer:

New Zealand spineless. Australia in finals.

Anonymous said...

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