Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DesiPundit Goes To Atlanta

I hate meta-blogging, so bear with me this one time.

Desipundit called it quits.

I really enjoyed visiting DesiPundit. The site's breadth of interest was what made it so much fun. Even though some complained that the site was "not democratic" (whatever that means), I found DP to be way more open in its submission policy than many other sites.

Other than the minor nitpick that, of late, DP often featured already well-known blogs, hats off to the site for doing a stellar job of being the focal point for Indian bloggers. Cause celebres like the IIPM controversy or the Blogspot ban simply could not have attracted the level of attention that they did without DesiPundit.

I hope there's a DP replacement waiting in the wings. Gettin' Diggy with it isn't all that fun, so don't even try to convince me there's a desi Digg-clone out there that can replace DP. I've tried using them. They suck major donkey ass.


Patrix said...

Glad you loved DesiPundit. Comparing it to the Digg-clones was always misplaced. While I don't completely understand the title of this post, I'll add that DesiPundit came from Atlanta :)

km said...


Atlanta = area code 404 = page not found :))

Wish you luck with your academics (and future ventures)

Patrix said...

Woah! That's quite a connection :)

Salil said...

If there's no DP replacement that works for you - why not start one?

Krish said...

Yup. I agree with you. Putvote.com sucks big time. You can never consider a site run by a bunch of jokers as DesiPundit replacement.

Ph said...

That is SOME connection @ post title. I think it could catch on though. :)