Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ring My Friend I Said You'd Call Dr. Riley

Uh-oh. Another Beatles' mystery solved. How long before someone tells us Paul is not really dead?

And just how does a dentist go from "Mr. Lennon, you must brush your teeth every night" to "would you like some LSD in your Listerine"?

Think about it for a second - were it not for a bold dentist, there would be no acid rock. The antiestablishment needs the establishment.


wildflower seed said...

Sorry to complicate your life, but :

km said...

Aaarggh...VB! Thou dost complicate my life. But I will survive :))

*sniff download sniff*

GhostOfTomJoad said...

For me, the bigger story here is this:

"...details of George and John's introduction to the sense-enhancing drug have, until now, remained one of the most enigmatic aspects of the band's history, despite 1,000 books on the subject..."

Really! 1,000 books? Have people nothing else to do? And, "the most enigmatic aspects of the bad's history"? I don't need LSD...reading this is a good trip anyway :-)

km said...

Ghost, that number sounds staggeringly large (but could be true.) But yeah, why is their drug experimentation such a draw? Maybe people think will help them arrive at the Secret Beatle Formula For Writing Great Melodies.

MuMM said...

Looking at the comments, I suddenly tell myself that I am not commenting on the post entitled "Nw They Tell Us". Is that some feat of computer wizardry or have I fucked up my homework ?

Best regards and thanks for your blog,

km said...

Mumm, I have *no* idea, but thanks for checking in :)