Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Long Night's Journey Into the Day

We were up till 5:30AM. Drinking, naturally. By the end of the party, the Grey Goose vodka tasted like exceptionally sweet spring water. Or maybe I was drinking water. Anyway, thoughts are not very coherent right now.

Why is Bob Dylan ripping his fans by giving them unrippable music? (Link to BoingBoing) It is a shame. If I weren't so badly haungovered right now, I would write a letter and mail it to my local DJ.

On the other hand, the storm has cleared and I can see clearly now.


scout said...

so you finally got urself a weekend. heehee. we have a saying in the City - courtesy bangalore boys of course - "the grey goose got the girls feeling loose."

along with "the wrath of the grey goose is upon us," when we talk about hangovers. :D

km said...

Uh-huh. Wrath of the grey goose. Well, several martinis and a red wine later, I've never felt looser :)