Monday, September 18, 2006

Cinema Cinema

Anyone noticed a curious bit of dialogue in "Lage Raho Munnabhai"? The DJ character asks Munnabhai if he has ever lied in his life. The character responds, "only once, in 1992".


But no, I was not all that impressed by the film. The first film was *way* superior.

I was, however, more than "all that impressed" by Mike Nichols' "Wit", which I also saw over the weekend. Emma Thompson takes the (cliched) cancer patient role and turns it into something sublime and painfully funny. She co-wrote the screenplay. Harold Pinter appears in the film too. Much rock and roll.

After I've watched a good film, and my senses are still buzzing, I start hankering for another fix. So, post-"Wit", I felt like re-visiting the little town of Rimini. The film was "I Vitelloni". I didn't know De Sica was initially offered the role of the aging (gay) thespian in this lovely film.

Naturally, after such a terrific film, I wanted to watch another film, and pulled out Louis Malle's "Au Revoir Les Enfants". The Wife being all-too familiar with the symptoms of my terrible addiction, suggested we go for a drive, and we did.
Have you noticed how watching a Fellini film changes the outside world?


kundalini said...

i wasnt impressed by "lage raho" either. but try "pyar ke side effects". you wont be disappointed.

arun said...

u bet! the world becomes more colorful, yet somber! The charm of fellini is the way he blends flashiness in the yin and the yang...and more! Unique talent.

I think its time to revisit him!

Tabula Rasa said...

yeah, yeah. pkse rules!!

km said...

K, TR: Thanks, I will look up that film.

Arun: He was unique all right!

Falstaff said...

Ah, Wit. Incredible film that - though of course, I'm a sucker for all things Donne.