Tuesday, September 12, 2006

High Ate Us

Scout's "bring-me-back" campaign proved to be all too brief but successful. I am back.

Actually, the 5-day blogging break included travel, a wedding and the much-needed post-wedding recovery. For reasons that shall remain entirely private, I do not wish to hear the words "Jagermeister" and "Patron" ever again. Also the phrase "now let's get the golf cart out".

But let me tell you, you haven't lived if you haven't heard a New Orleans band play in a fog-shrouded field on a full moon night.


scout said...

i'm good aren't i? and you seem to be making up for a lot of lost weekends these days. :D

Tabula Rasa said...

i haven't lived :-(

i did however see the preservation hall jazz band in its authentic natural habitat. on mardi gras. thanks for the memory :-)

hirenshah said...

Right now, Navratri is going on and I would say that you have not lived if you have not participated in the revelry on any night- full moon or otherwise.