Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Filling All Fruit With Ripeness To The Core

Fall is almost here and with it come friends and relatives. Colors! We want to see Fall colors! Why doesn't that tree have more colors! They want nothing less than a kaleidoscope-on-acid experience.

The Independent Traveler has a short but very handy guide to foliage viewing in the Northeastern USA. (link via Yahoo)

The best Fall colors I've ever seen are on my television - in the opening shots of Douglas Sirk's masterpiece melodrama, "All That Heaven Allows".

Just kidding. I prefer the mid-Atlantic/NJ area to the more popular New England sites because this area has a greater variety of trees, and therefore, a greater variety of colors on display.


Tabula Rasa said...

last year we went driving through new hampshire (kancamagus) looking for fall colors. unfortunately, that year the colors had only switched on for a day or two. that too in the middle of the week (and we thought we were being smart by doing friday). so we spent the day zipping around the highways pointing and yelling "fall colors!" every time we saw a red stop sign.

ironically, the best photos from the day were of a dead tree trunk at dusk by the side of an isolated lake. black and white.

km said...

Your comment about the b/w picture got me thinking - how did tourism brochures "sell" Fall in the 1940s with b/w pictures? ("Come, see our gray leaves")

Tabula Rasa said...

good point. it was a non-bushian world, so maybe they advertised their shades of grey? "it's not all black and white..."

anurag said...

I think the snow-colors of the outside contrasted with warm inside deco, towards the end, is also great. I dont remember properly, but is there a deer in falling snow, in that supposedly happy ending ?