Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Identifying A Not-So-Rare Bird: Indians Visiting India

Disclaimer: I've carried a bottle of Bisleri ONLY ONCE while visiting India. I had consumed some heavily poisoned chicken curry and before the attending doctor could say "E.Coli", I was squirting fluids out of all orifices at once. Fantastic pressure too. So as soon as I gained a hint verticality, a mineral water bottle was thrust into my hands.

My mother says the clothes are a sure giveaway. Others point to the much-maligned Bisleri bottle, or the alarming habit of saying "howzitgoin" to the milkman, the maidservant and the newspaper boy.

What are we talking about? Identifying an Indian visiting India. Hmph. (link to Churumuri)

Sure, some of it is stereotyping, but it is funny and true. Not so funny is the comment thread (at the end of the linked post), which, predictably, devolves into a dull India Vs. the West debate.


anangbhai said...

Hehe. For more indian hilarity, visit some of the indian related wikipedia pages. Some of the most hotly contested pages on Wikipedia are related to india or indians in some way.
Its infuriating and funny at the same time to watch RSS and VHP shills vandalize articles over and over by using 50 different usernames and proxies.
Of course, Indian flamers are n00bs compared to chinese flamers.
Please, just go to china once, and try to write about some little inconvenience. Your page visits are gauranteed to shoot up. TEAM RULES!

anangbhai said...

Ok I just read that article. Yes, I've drunk mineral water when I went to India. So what? Who doesn't drink mineral water outside of the house? You'd rather drink water straight from the nalka?
That article is about as ignorant and stereotypical about returning expatriates as the expatriates described in the article are towards India.
Who the fuck in the world DOESN'T bitch about politicians and traffic? God dammity damn.