Sunday, September 17, 2006

Redefining Poverty

My 13-year old nephew goes to this village (somewhere near Nasik, I think) for "2 days of social work". The kid's weltanschauung (thanks, Alok!) is completely altered when he learns the villagers make do WITHOUT "Ruffles potato chips" and "Pepsi".

His feeling of shock is soon washed over by a warm wave of relief when he spots a little shop in this village selling "Mirinda". So, next day, these parched city slickers line up outside the shop to drink up their Mirinda. At the break of dawn.


kundalini said...

he's a good kid, it gets much worse. :)

alok said...

"weltenschaung"? Hmmm... but the spelling isn't right :p

km said...

Alok: uh. corrected :)