Friday, September 29, 2006

How To Be Man's Best Friend

Yes, there exists a self-help article that will help you be like your dog. (Link fixed, Thanks, Salil!)

There's so much more on WikiHow, but it's a Friday, so I will let you explore its embarrassment of riches all by yourself.


Salil said...

Bah, the link doesn't work. :(

Maybe just watch Ralph Wiggum (at least in the Homer v. Mafia episode [you know, the one with that AWESOME Sopranos spoof?]) for a good example?

km said...

Link's fixed - thanks.

Heh, that was an awesome spoof.

Did you catch the new episode where they do that wicked psychedelic-video thing with Bart playing drums to White Stripes' "Hardest Button to Button"?

Salil said...

No, I've actually stopped paying much attention to the newer ones, given how much they're recycling old gags and beating dead jokes into the ground.

Give me the classics [and those DVD sets :)]. Like Fat Tony going "This is a pretzel town, pretty boy!"

Ph said...

It was going well till that stern suggestion to groom yourself. I will have you know that most dogs don't care for it. In fact the loveliest dog in the whole world, hid under the bed when it was time to bathe her. Hah!

kundalini said...

love unconditionally? once had a dalmatian who would do anything but that. he was exceptional - you see, almost human :D

km said...

K: must be the result of all those Disney films :)

ph: what breed is she? Lab?

beissirissa said...

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