Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's The Rumpus?

There are talky films and then there are Coen Brothers' films. They don't just enjoy writing dialog; they seem to revel in it.

"Miller's Crossing" is probably the finest example of their writing (Big Lebowski fanboys, stop frothing.) But the patois in Miller's Crossing often gets confusing. For instance, who or what is a "sheeny"? And ever met a "yegg"?

If you haven't seen this great film, read this site first and then rent it. The site also has a link to the screenplay (the shooting script, I believe.)

What's the rumpus, Tom?


Jay said...

Dont be fatuous, KM!

Alok said...

hey thanks for that link. I had no idea what those words and expressions meant!!

yet to see these early coen brothers films. will check it out soon.

km said...

Jay, I am not fatuous. I am a nihilist. I belief in nossing.

simmi said...

speaking of dialogue-monologue, i cant get enough of the scene in 'NAKED', were the main character finds shelter with a security guard of some big corporation, and their conversation bounces between the hollow space of institutional bounderies.

Anonymous said...

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