Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why Not "Soda" Or "Seven" Or "Moon-Unit"?

The most popular name for an Indian baby - and the 701st most popular baby name - in the USA is "Arjun". Isn't it great, there's an entire generation of confused, weak-willed Indian kids out there! Just kidding. I have friends and cousins named Arjun. Every single one of them is a highly skilled archer.
"Pranav (835), Nikhil (868), Rishi (932) and Arnav (953) were other Indian names to make the list. Nikhil was first Indian male name to make the SSA list in 1997 and was top-ranked until 2002, when it was edged out by Aditya."
Here's a real puzzler:
"The most popular Indian female baby name was Kali (526), followed by Ashanti (696)"
Does anyone know any Indian girl named Kali? Or Ashanti? Of course not.
"However, both those names are more common among non Indians than Indians. India is another name uncommon among Indians, but it ranked 501 on the list. It entered the most popular category in 1991 and rose to the top 300 names in 2001"
Little "Ranked 501" has the story.


wildflower seed said...

Never been able to figure out how Zappa got to Moon-Unit without any drugs.

km said...

Heh heh...and what about "Dweezil"? At least a few bottles of wine.

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Funny, was having a 'name' discussion with a friend about 15 minutes ago. It started with actor Arshad Warsi calling his son Zidane. And Ms Paltrow's is Apple!! How? Why??

I've often wondered why these poor kids don't grow up and sue their parents

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