Saturday, July 08, 2006

Remote Control

Churumuri call it "Emergency II".

Hee haw. So the Indian government wants to regulate private TV channels. The article (link at the bottom of the Churumuri page) offers some frightening details:

"So, an external regulator appointed by the government decides content of a particular channel is anti-national, incorrect or false or obscene.

The channel can be punished with the harshest being to cancel the broadcasting license. The decision of the regulator will be final and cannot be challenged in court."
(emphasis mine)

First of all, the Indian government should stop using scary words like "external regulator". Audiences already have a regulator at home.

Secondly, Sonia Gandhi needs to stop playing so much Frank Zappa during party meetings. Isn't "external regulator" inspired by "Central Scrutinizer"?


Alok said...

The hindi news channels these days have become so sensationalist and exploitative. It is depressing because thats what people seem to like in news channels.

some regulation might improve matters i think.

km said...

Alok, I know what you are saying, but the question we've got to ask is: why is this important to a government? Why are they concerned about decency?

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