Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The story of GSLV-FO2's crash got buried somewhere between the headbutt heard around the world and the latest tragedy in Mumbai.

It may be a setback but India's rocket scientists deserve praise. They've done a, uh, stellar job for the last 3 decades and with the Chandrayan mission (sadly, an unmanned mission) barely a year away, they ought to receive more encouragement.

Indian Express has an interview with ISRO's Chairman, G. Madhavan Nair.

The Scientific Indian, a blog I should be reading more often, has a post from 2004 on India's "moonshot".

And here's something really interesting: a history of Indian space program that starts not with Dr. Sarabhai, but with Tipu Sultan!


Hiren said...

Interesting facts but life in space does not remain as fascinating as it normally is when life on earth gets so horrible(Mumbai blasts)

Tabula Rasa said...

*very* cool history!