Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mothers In The News

First there is the notorious "terrorist whore mother". Mama Zidane's response to that filthy epithet is priceless. Mama Z, we bow to you.

Then there's this woman who's in the news because she is a new mother at 62.
But the most important news this week involving mothers?

No contest, it's this one. Hats off to all the 13 mothers for participating in this experiment. So now you know how mothers put up with so much...shi..I mean...stuff.

(BTW, I think "Terrorist Whore Mother" is an excellent name for a retro-grunge band. Quite in the vein of names like "Mother Love Bone". Gives head-banging a whole new meaning.)


kundalini said...

"the most imp news" :). its TRUE. in my experience tho, fathers come with no such evolutionary adaptation or anything like it. the one in my home has changed a diaper maybe...once..and that too without the 'real' stuff in it. excuse - "you're such a natural and anyway you're going to do it again after i've done it" (the last bit is true). but at least he made enough disgusted sounds to make the baby laugh. btw explaining things away is also part of a woman's unique evolutionary adaptation!!

Szerelem said...

i refuse to take anything the mirror reports seriously.

km said...

K: what mothers do is superhuman stuff. BTW, that excuse you mentioned is most commonly heard in our home after dinner - before the dishwasher has to be loaded :))

szerelem: I refuse to take any newspaper seriously. Except The Onion, maybe. And thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

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