Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lit. Quiz

  • If you must google it or Wiki it, at least try to preface the answer with something wittier than "LOL, even my dog could ace this".
I need the name of a book. So here are the facts.

It's not funny at all.

It has influenced philosophers, poets, playwrights, novelists, comic-book writers, painters, sculptors, film-makers and musicians. It even inspired a "grunge" album cover.

A country's leader once offered to pay a million dollars Sterling Pounds for a copy of this book.

Only two original copies of the manuscript are known to survive. One of them is in a city with the coordinates: 18°57'36"N, 72°49'12"E

Got it?

Hands on the buzzer, please. First three correct responses will receive a diamond-encrusted, solid-gold iPod effusive praise in a future post.


Partisan said...

The Kama Sutra / Mumbai

(Guess validated on Google. In a realtime quiz, my guess would still have been right.)

What's the album, then?

zigzackly said...

Dante's Inferno. In the Asiatic Library.

And for bonus points, the leader referred to was Mussolini.

(and didn't have to google the lat/long because it was my tagline once)

km said...

Partisan: You got part of the answer right. The book is the Commedia, or the Divine Comedy. Imagine, an original copy of the Divine Comedy resides in the Asiatic Society!

Zigzackly: "Divine Comedy", not just the "Inferno". But yes, you still qualify for Effusive Praise :)

sattva said...

this has been one of the coolest posts i've seen in a while :) and i cleary don't deserve Effusive Praise :(

Deaths Head Roy said...

Cool trivia...never knew this bit of info.....

km said...

Roy: You'd think Mumbai tourism would tell more people about this cool fact, right?

Sattva: thanks for your Effusive Praise of the post :))

zigzackly said...


And after you say "It's not funny at all."

*Going off to hide in dark corner.*

zigzackly said...

BTW, one is not deserving of Effusive Praise, since one lives in the city. A mention of the AS's copy of Divine Comedy appears in at least two city pages in Bombay editions of newspapers in a given year.

And yet I muff it. *Going off to dig a hole in that dark corner.*

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