Monday, July 10, 2006

The Unwashed One On The Great White Way

I want to keep this post short and free of cheap sarcasm and rockfan rant. Will I succeed?

Consider this:

1. The Broadway musical is titled "The Times They're A-changin'"
2. Bob Dylan thinks this is "the best presentation of my songs I have ever seen or heard on any stage."

So what? So nothing.

That wasn't hard. The post is short, free of cheap sarcasm and no rockfan rant.

Pardon me. I just noticed on one of the press releases that the show is billed as "a fresh exploration of the timeless tale of a young man's coming of age".

[Violent barfing sounds]

I tried, dammit, I tried.


d~ said...

You almost made it.

Tabula Rasa said...

wait till you see the special effects.

km said...

TR: I can't wait to see men in leotards prancing about the stage singing "Motorpsycho Nightmare"

d~: I promise to give it one more try when they start promoting the show on American Idol next year.

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Anonymous said...

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