Monday, July 17, 2006

Singing In Shower Soon To Be Banned

"U.S. digital entertainment company Gracenote on Thursday said it obtained licenses to distribute lyrics as music publishers mulled legal action against Web sites that provide them without authorization."
Ka-ching, baby.

I honestly have no problem with those malware-infested commercial lyrics sites getting sued. I do have a problem when labor-of-love fansites with guitar tabs and lyrics are asked to pull down the lyrics. Let's hope the powers that be show a little more restraint than they have done in the past. [suppressed laughter]

On a somewhat related note, anyone here old enough to remember buying music magazines (particularly "The Sun" and "JetSet") for lyrics? How about buying those little booklets by a publisher called "Archies" (which then went on to become a landmark institution for lovesick teenagers looking for greeting cards, roses and stuffed toys. Ugh.)

Anyone knows the words to this one?

(Via Slashdot)


Twisted DNA said...

I didn't grow up with "fancy" JetSets and English songs. I grew up with cheap Re. 1 song books right outside the movie theatres (back in 80s). They were printed on very bad paper and had barely legible text. But, who cares, they had the songs of the latest movie the next they the movie was releasted.

In my last visit to India, I looked for such books. Unfortunately, they are not available any more. May be because nobody understands those damn Telugu lyrics.

GhostOfTomJoad said...

I resent your effort to paint all 'Sun' readers as old :-) but, since you ask, yes, I do remember. In fact, I also have many notebooks of handwritten lyrics to some five million songs :-)

And, thanks for The Mercy Seat. Lovely :-)

Deaths Head Roy said...

and you have been comment spammed....well, remember the old days of Jetset....awesome eh.....

km said...

Twisted DNA: JetSet was fancy? And LOL@ telegu lyrics :)

Ghost: The last I remember of The Sun was a Samantha Fox poster. Of course, you whippersnappers may not even remember Samantha Fox. You had lyrics to 5 million songs? Terrorist!

Roy: Wasn't JetSet replaced by the "Rock Street Journal" among Indian music fans? Is that mag still around?

GhostOfTomJoad said...

Why is that of all the posters that poor Sun printed most people only remember Samantha Fox? :-)

Oh yes, Rock Street Journal is still around but I'm not sure how many even knowabout it.

km said...

Ghost: Why do I remember Samantha Fox? Because she showed me how to solve the Rubik's Cube in 15 seconds?

Actually, I remember many other things from The Sun. Like a Darryl Hannah (or was it Cheryl Ladd?) poster. Also the poster of an anonymous hottie wearing black leather, lying in a ridiculously dangerous position on a Harley. And for some odd reason, I still remember reading about Rod Stewart's blonde-fetish in The Sun. All things of paramount importance to a 14 year-old.

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