Monday, January 23, 2006

What's Playin' Here

Robert Altman's "Short Cuts": 187 minutes and 20 characters seemed daunting initially, but "Short Cuts" had me hooked. Absolutely hooked. As soon as I gave up trying to predict the eventual intersection of the stories, the film became so much enjoyable. If you have an hour or so, read this really interesting page about "narrative" and Short Cuts.

William Wyler's "Jezebel":
Wyler's 1938 film was almost the predecessor to "Gone With The Wind". John Huston co-wrote the screenplay, but the only reason for renting this film is, what else, Bette Davis.

"Jezebel" is a good movie, but ultimately, it is not as satisfying as "The Little Foxes" or "All About Eve".


wildflower seed said...

Big fan of Altman! After Welles, the singular genius of American cinema, imho. Have not seen "Jezebel" - how about trying your hand at writing a longish review for a film now and then? Or are you, like me, averse to deconstructing films that move you deeply? Also, would love more occasional "Whats in my player" type posts :):)

km said...

You bet, VB. Altman's one of the last of the old-school eccentric American film-makers out there!

I do enjoy writing longer review-pieces, unless the film is too well-known or if I feel I really don't have anything new to say about the film. And thanks for the "what's-in-my-player" suggestion :) you need to get back to your blog too, you know!


Alok said...

Altman's one of the last of the old-school eccentric American film-makers out there!

David Lynch is still making movies !! Although these days he is busier propagating his crack pot theories of meditation than doing what he does best.

Haven't seen any of these two movies though.

km said...


David Lynch is as eccentric as they come, but not exactly old-school :) And yeah, what's with that meditation thing and Lynch? And have you seen Lynch's weather report? Truly unhinged, that man, I tell you.


wildflower seed said...

Heh heh - I'm wondering how long I can hold out.