Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Is That Music?

Is there a coinage clumsier and more naive than "world music"? One of these days, I swear I will tear that Word Art generated, laser-printed label off the public library's music shelf with my half-chewed nails.

I found out, after a little Googling that the phrase was not sprung upon us by some music company executive in Los Angeles but by a group of Englishmen. (link to an about.com site.) So much for the popular stereotype about the culturally isolated American and the, uh, globally integrated Britisher.


Intern said...

ahh, wasnt that just a marketing gimmick?
I'm impressed that someone would actually take so much interest to track down the origin of the term "world music"... and I learnt in the process.

anyways; one comment on "culturally isolated america";
I've always felt its so much easier of any Indian or for that matter Chinese, vietnames, philipino ... to settle in America, than an american to settle in these countries ... However much we crib about USA;
as the world is today, it is still the most culturally diversified nation and really treats immigrats with much more accomodating attitude than foreigners are treated elsewhere!

km said...


My remark about the "culturally isolated American" should really be read in quotes. It is just a lazy stereotype and is not 100% accurate. America is my adopted homeland and I know that this country treats foreigners better than any other country.

Now we're getting too serious :)


Anonymous said...

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