Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lines Composed Upon Reading The Worst Allegorical Tale Ever

I recently read this news article on rediff.com about India's "3 IT biggies". Right there in the opening paragraph was the most hilariously bizarre analogy I've EVER read in a business news item in my life.

So I decided to rework this allegorical tale about the "three chickens which all laid eggs", woven so movingly by Monsieur H. Bijoor, brand consultant to India's IT Royalty Poultry, into verse. Here goes.


"The Chicken Song"

There were these little chickens three,
Who could lay the perfect egg
So Shy, Honest and Miss Noisy,
All spread their chicken legs.

The cocks were on the prowl at night,
and soon the birds got laid
The cocks a-doodled with all their might
And lo! the eggs were made.

Miss Shy - she shot a ninety-eight,
But no one came to see
But those that did were satisfied
And rubbed their claws in glee.

Miss Honest, she hit a cent per cent
Neither sad nor glum were we.
Every cock was just so ho-hum,
They got what they could see.

Miss Noisy, she was a wild child now,
she trumpeted her wares,
"Four Hundred, dear Sirs!", she screamed
And got the cocks to bare.

So the cocks all flocked to the Noisy One,
With dreams of a Four Hundred!
But when she gave them less than that
They got f***ed up in the head.

Read the article here.


uma said...

I read the spiel. I like your little poem better.

Alok said...


Hilarious and very nasty :)

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

Read your blog and liked it.

Read the linked article too. It's not that bad. Your rhyme is fun but could be funnier.

km said...

Arthur Quiller Couch, not to worry, I am not leaving my day job yet.

Uma, Alok: stop, stop, any more encouragement and I will have to wear a fez, drape a shawl and stagger around in an opium haze ;)

Arun said...

Heh heh heh! Mean! Mean! Mean!

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